Fundraising Auction 2017

It was another fantastic year for our Fundraising Auction during the Open Studios weekend. All of the artists in our building kindly donated a mini-work for this fun event – with all proceeds going back into the studios and enabling our spaces to remain affordable for Bristol-based artists.

A massive thank you to everybody who attended and / or made a bid. Your support is much appreciated.

Photos by Bristol-based photographer Damien Hockey.

Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-276Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-277Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-278Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-279Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-280Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-281Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-282Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-283Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-284Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-285Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-286Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-287Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-288Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-289Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-290Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-291Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-270Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-274Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-269Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-267Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-268Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-266Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-265Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-256Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-257Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-262Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-263Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-264Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-258Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-261Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-293Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-294Damien Hockey-JSA-Summer17-296

Also a big thank you to our JSA Open Studios 2017 sponsors: Niche Frames, Lost & Grounded, CASS ART and Windsor & Newton.

Share your photos from the auction with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #JSAOpen2017.


About jamaicastreetartists

Jamaica Street Artists is one of the largest artist-lead studios outside of London and has been established for over 15 years. The studio is housed in a grade ii listed former carriageworks, an iconic landmark in Bristol. Jamaica Street Artists is a unique and ambitious collective, holding an annual Open Studio and planning an exciting programme for the year ahead. In the past we have held group exhibitions at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery and St George's, Bristol, and individual artists continue to find success exhibiting across the UK and abroad. Over the past year Jamaica Street Artists has run a dynamic fundraising campaign to safeguard our future, a new lease has now been secured, but the long-term aim remains to purchase the building in partnership. Looking towards the future Jamaica Street Artists plan to build on their success, continuing to contribute to Bristol's creative and cultural reputation and promoting the work of its artists.

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