A Short Visit – JSA presents three artists at The Edwardian Cloakroom

A Short Visit

Site specific experiments and improvisations in response to the unique small space of an Edwardian Cloakroom.

Exhibition open: Thurs 2 Oct – Tues 7 Oct; 12 – 6 pm
Private view: Thurs 2 Oct; 6 – 8pm

Vera Boele-Keimer, Jessa Fairbrother and Janie George use their short visit as an opportunity to make new or previously unseen work with the materials, ideas and histories of the space. Works include painting, photography and installation.

Jamaica Street Artists presents three of its most intriguing and thoughtful members with an exhibition which responds to the interior, histories and memories of this unusual space.

Vera Boele-KeimerJSA_Vera_Boele_Keimer works with a wide range of materials, often found or ready-made, and explores their characteristics in playful and improvised ways. Simple processes such as folding, cutting or wrapping are applied in an attempt to reveal order, to mend or stabilise the often fragile works. For this exhibition Vera is going to respond to the beautiful materials of an Edwardian Cloakroom, taking into account the complex architectural spaces.





Jessa FairbrotherUntitled (from Conversations with my mother) is concerned with photography’s problematic relationship with what is felt, remembered or desired and uses a range of processes to get under the skin of the print – either long exposures during making, or embellishment after the event. Her work explores the familiar and the personal where yearning and performance meet each other.




Janie GeorgeJSA_Janie_George1 is a painter whose work evokes narratives connected to landscape. She often uses objects and clothing to suggest characters. For this exhibition Janie will be using found objects, drawings and a collection of everyday belongings inherited from her Bristolian great aunts and grandparents. These will be used to connect the intimate spaces of the cloakroom with the Edwardian re-vitalisation of the fairy tale.







Location: The Edwardian Cloakroom, Park Row, Clifton, Bristol BS1 5LS

cloakroom image






Supported by Bristol City Council



About jamaicastreetartists

Jamaica Street Artists is one of the largest artist-lead studios outside of London and has been established for over 15 years. The studio is housed in a grade ii listed former carriageworks, an iconic landmark in Bristol. Jamaica Street Artists is a unique and ambitious collective, holding an annual Open Studio and planning an exciting programme for the year ahead. In the past we have held group exhibitions at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery and St George's, Bristol, and individual artists continue to find success exhibiting across the UK and abroad. Over the past year Jamaica Street Artists has run a dynamic fundraising campaign to safeguard our future, a new lease has now been secured, but the long-term aim remains to purchase the building in partnership. Looking towards the future Jamaica Street Artists plan to build on their success, continuing to contribute to Bristol's creative and cultural reputation and promoting the work of its artists.

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